Facility Maintenance and Commercial Cleaning Service Solutions

M&J Services Group provide superior cleaning and facility maintenance, providing detailed solutions tailored to each individual need.

With attention to detail, safety, hygiene, quality and compliance, M&J are committed to delivering safe, efficient and environmentally friendly services. 

Since 2014, M&J Services Group has provided trained specialists to deliver high-quality services, ensuring consistent standards are maintained. 

To learn more, please look at the range of services we provide.

About Us

Established in 2014, M&J Services Group is a family owned business based in Melbourne, Victoria.

As owner/operators, we have over twenty years combined experience in the commercial cleaning industry. Throughout this time, we have gained extensive knowledge and hands on experience which we now apply to our business and our valued clients.

We are a niche company.  Our point of difference is our commitment to remaining the main point of contact for our clients, while continually developing and maintaining a highly individualised, successful and ongoing relationship.

We achieve results by listening and responding to the needs and requirements of our clients, and by offering advice and solutions to achieve the best possible outcomes.

To learn more, please look at the range of services we provide.

Values & Ethics

At M&J Services Group, our core values and beliefs as a service provider include:

Client focused: We strive to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with our services. We take the time to establish one on one relationships as we appreciate the value and importance of maintaining these relationships now and into the future.

Innovative: Continuous improvement,  always looking for new ways of delivering our services while also providing needs analysis and reporting to our clients.

Unique: We understand the process to ensure high quality outcomes to maintain a brand standard.

Attention to Detail: We notice the small things, we ensure that every detail is addressed.

Flexible: We are flexible and adaptable to the needs of our clients. Each job is tailored to each client’s requirements.

Approachable: We have friendly professional staff to help you all the way.

Always improving: We encourage all our clients and staff to share any feedback and/or comments. We appreciate that there is always room for improvement and continuous improvement is our business mantra. 

Commercial Cleaning

At M&J, we provide professional and reliable commercial cleaning services to a wide range of clients.

Some of these services include:

  • Day and/or After-Hours Cleaning
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Periodical, Detail Cleaning/Servicing
  • Soft and Hard Floor Restoration and Maintenance
  • Upholstery, Fine Fabric and Leather Cleaning
  • High Dusting
  • Hygiene Services
  • General Cleaning:
    • Sweeping
    • Mopping
    • Dusting
  • Waste Services
  • Retail and Residential, Tenant and Common Areas
  • Kitchen/Tea Room Maintenance:
    • Replenishing Tea and Coffee
    • Sweep and/or Mop
    • Replacing Bin Liners

Contact Us

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