Aged Care

aged care

At M&J we understand that the health and aged care sector requires unique care and attention; considering the resident’s and their right to privacy and dignity.  Upon induction, all staff are provided with specific training including elder abuse, OHS, infection control and the residents charter to help staff understand the rights and responsibilities of working in an aged care environment.

We implement, manage and monitor quality cleaning programs to ensure that accreditation standards are delivered, and residents and staff live and work in a safe hygienic environment.

Microfibre cleaning materials and steam technology is used in all our aged care facilities to combat the risk of infection and viral contaminants.

Environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaning programs help to offset our clients carbon footprint.

All our staff are trained in the art of detail cleaning with attention to touch points to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff and the elderly is maintained.

Our dedicated team are trained to deliver professional services while also ensuring that the needs of the residents are met and respected.